30-Day Boot Camp - Blueprint for Building a Care Team on a Budget

Boot Camp starts July 13th

Build your care team to assist your aging loved one

Building a senior care team is a task but it can be done. This boot camp will guide you through understanding what your aging loved ones and seniors need and how to provide the proper care for them.

Join us for a working boot camp where we come along side you and assist you in building a care team to help manage the care of your aging loved one.

The goal is to have your care team in place by the end of the boot camp. This program is for those that are ready to get some of their time back and ready to share the responsibility of managing the care of their aging parents or other aging loved ones.

How to Participate

Caregiver Checklist​

Our "Caregiver Challenges" Self-Awareness Checklist is designed to help you assess your current challenges and support network. This free tool is the first step in our 30-day "Blueprint to Building a Care Team on a Budget" boot camp, aimed at empowering you to provide better care for your loved one while also taking care of yourself.

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Free Introduction Webinar​

Want to learn more info about the boot camp and gain insights for how to "do it yourself"? Join us for our upcoming webinar, "Piecing Together Your Care Team Blueprint On a Budget," where we'll guide you through creating a comprehensive care team without breaking the bank.

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Blueprint to Build A Care Team On A Budget Boot Camp, senior care, aging adults, elder care

Building A Care Team Boot Camp​

Join us for our upcoming webinar, "Piecing Together Your Care Team Blueprint On a Budget," where we'll guide you through creating a comprehensive care team without breaking the bank.

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Details on Building Your Care Team Boot Camp

  • Share the Load

    Caregiving is truly a labor of love but it shouldn't consume your time and add stress and overwhelm to your life. Develop a team to help carry the weight and lift some of it off your shoulders.

  • Successful Aging in Place

    If your aging loved one wishes to successfully age at their home, a plan and a village to support them needs to be created. A major risk of aging in place is isolation and loneliness.

  • Accompanying Workbook

    Our guide and workbook will provide the direction and strategies to build your care team. Use throughout the boot camp and continue to use it as a reference guide for the future.

  • Tools for Organization

    We will utilize technology as much as possible as well as old fashioned "forms" to keep your care team organized and keep the communication lines open and functioning. We will provide tools for the team leader to hold everyone together.

  • Professional Guidance

    Take advantage of our combined 80+ years of R.N. experience in working with aging adults and their families. There isn't much we haven't seen or not done when it comes to caring for our seniors.

  • Accountability

    Have you been so overwhelmed that you know you need help but just haven't taken that first step? Now is your time to make it happen. We will have weekly training sessions, optional Q&A sessions, and more to help keep you on task and complete your team. All sessions will be recorded and available for replays as often as you like!

Here is What to Expect

Module One: Introduction

In the opening section, we will discuss the demands and expectations of the caregiving role. By understanding these challenges and the toll they can take, you will be better positioned to see the value in assembling a care team to share the weight when insurance doesn't provide all the assistance you need.

Module Two: Identifying Your Needs

This module is about self-evaluation. We will explore in detail the aspects of daily caregiving that cause the most stress, helping you pinpoint the tasks where other people could step in and help.

Module Three: Assembling the Team Members

Here, you will develop an action plan to secure the right people to form your care team. We'll delve into communication strategies to express your needs clearly and the qualities to look for in potential team members.

Module Four: Roles and Responsibilities

To ensure a smoothly functioning care team, roles and responsibilities must be clearly defined. Learn how to delegate effectively and outline tasks in a way that is manageable and fair.

Module Five: Nurturing Relationships

This section is all about building collaborative and supportive relationships within your care team. Discover methods to foster trust, encourage open communication, and learn how to appropriately recognize the unique contributions of each member.

Module Six: Problem-Solving and Conflict Resolution

No team functions without the occasional wrinkle. In this module, you will learn how to address conflicts that may arise within your care team and find amicable solutions that keep the group united and focused on its purpose.

Module Seven: Sustaining the Care Team

Committing to caring for another is a marathon, not a sprint. Here, we will equip you with methods to maintain a strong, dedicated care team for the long term and sustain momentum and support.

Module Eight: Taking Care of Yourself

Acknowledgment that the caregiver's own well-being is crucial. Discover the balance needed for self-care, making use of the care team to carve out essential breaks for your own renewal and retention of health and happiness.

"I really don't know how anybody does this without you."

Alrita Benish
Former Client, Wisconsin

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