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Our Mission

We help families of aging parents go from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with the healthcare system to peace of mind and confidence that your aging loved one is getting the best care possible while the family keeps their sanity.

Your Nurse Advocate Consulting, LLC will empower those that want to take control of their own health. This is done through simplifying the complex nature of decision making along with providing the confidence to make informed healthcare decisions. Your Nurse Advocate Consulting has several options to choose the best way to assist.

Our Story

Linda and Pam have over 80 years of combined nursing experience which includes but is not limited to: Home Health, Hospice, Acute Care, Emergency Care, Quality and Case Management.

One day a call came in and the woman was scared and overwhelmed. She was told that her husband had to leave the hospital because there was nothing more they could do. They suggested hospice care. She wasn’t ready, she wasn’t prepared. This was completely unexpected. Her husband was now going to need care as well as oxygen. She needed help.

Your Nurse Advocates, Pam and Linda, stepped in and worked alongside the wife and family and set goals and put plans in place to reach those goals. Pam and Linda were successful and that is the best feeling in the world for them to watch the look of “peace of mind” and “relief” on their clients’ faces instead of anxiety, stress, and overwhelming concern. It lights them up and feeds their soul.

Linda and Pam wanted to give a voice to those that are struggling to find their way through the complexity of our healthcare system. It is what they do and are most passionate about.

About Our Book

Together Pam and Linda wrote their book “Cracking the Hospice Code: Your Nurse Advocates Debunk the Top 10 Misconceptions of Hospice”

Assisting families in times of need when there are so many challenges in accessing quality care is the passion and mission of Your Nurse Advocate Consulting. Pam and Linda want to reduce the stress and remove the feelings of being overwhelmed when it comes to managing the care of loved ones.

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“Speaking Out on the Care of Our Aging Parents” We talk struggles, frustrations, share stories, share ideas and weekly live Q&A Sessions where you can come and get your questions answered and so much more!

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Let’s Work Together to Simplify Your Health Care Decisions

Caring for aging parents is a hallmark of love and commitment, but the road can be fraught with challenges that only those who walk it fully understand. We see the multitude of emotions that you, as an adult child of aging parents, might be feeling. The ongoing overwhelm and frustration aren’t just heavy burdens on your shoulders; they can shake the very foundation of your being. It’s normal to feel as if you’re spinning your wheels, trapped in a fog of uncertainty, fear, and isolation.

But envision a world where the confusion gives way to clarity, where support is a constant, alleviating the feelings of being alone. Imagine a reality where the burden becomes manageable, where peace of mind replaces worry, and where guilt and shame are replaced with compassion and recognition of your devotion.

Thank You

Thank you for choosing to learn more about Pam and Linda and Your Nurse Advocate Consulting Services. Take care and we look forward to serving you.

Pam & Linda