What will this 4-Hour Workshop do for Me?
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1-Hour per Week for 4 Weeks
Thursdays March 9th, 2023
7:00 pm CST 8 pm EST
6:00 pm MTN and 5:00 pm PST

Are you new to caring for your parents? Are you overwhelmed and frustrated with where to turn for help? Are you unsure if the time is right to begin assisting in managing your loved one’s care? 

Where do you even begin? 

  • Is your spouse frustrated with the amount of time you are away from the family?
  • What does it cost for lost time at work to manage a health crisis for your parent?
  • What is it worth to have a balance between assisting your parents and spending time with your family?
  • Are you struggling with navigating the health care system? Do you feel stuck and don’t know where to turn next?
  • Do you tell yourself “I don’t know how to help them?”

Waiting to put a plan in place could be quite expensive. Did you know the average cost of an ER visit can be up to $3000.00-$4000.00 with an average co-pay of 10%-50%?  Even the co-pay can be a lot for a senior on a fixed income.  Add on the cost of an ambulance ride to the ER and you are looking at anywhere from $350.00-$2500.00 depending on your healthcare insurance or Medicare.

Add on your lost time at work, worrying about how things at home are going to get done can be extremely overwhelming. Even if you take family leave that is unpaid time off of work or use all your paid vacation time.

If you could begin to put a plan in place with expert R.N.s as your guides in learning to manage the care of your aging parents or grandparents what would that mean to you?

  • Peace of mind knowing you are doing your very best to care for your parents or grandparents.
  • Confidence in making the right decisions for their healthcare needs.
  • More balance in your life with more time to be the son or daughter and not just the caregiver.
  • More time to be with your spouse and family.
  • Feeling supported that you are not in this alone.
  • Have a better understanding of the healthcare system
  • Know what resources are available and how to access them.
  • Feeling back in control.

With completion of our Workshop “Step One: Identifying the Needs and Choosing Appropriate Resources” You will be several steps ahead in developing a plan to meet the needs of your parent or grandparent. You’ve got this and we have your back!

Here is what you will get with this live workshop: 

  • Board Certified Patient Advocates and Expert R.N.s to have as your guides with over 80 years of combined nursing experience in the areas of ER nursing, Hospice, Home Health, Case Management, Utilization Review, (working with insurance and Medicare), Quality, and Acute Care. We have you covered.
  • 11 Signs Checklist that Your Aging Parent May Need Help in the Home.
  • 4 hours of live R.N. lead instruction where you will identify the needs of your parent or grandparents based on 4 areas of potential needs. Discuss the obvious as well as the subtle.
  • Begin to select the appropriate resources based on the identified needs.
  • A workbook designed to be completed by the end of the workshop with your own specific individual situation and needs with coaching assistance from the R.N.s
  • Live Q&A
  • Access to video recordings, audio and text files along with the slide presentation through our Your Nurse Advocate Consulting Learning Center Hub.
  • Space is limited due to the Live Coaching and 1:1 assistance during this workshop. Don’t wait to get started.